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On a busy adviser's list of priorities professional education can often fall to the bottom, however, Brian Knight of Kaplan Professional Education insists that advisers need to keep addressing gaps in their knowledge.

Video transcript below:

Anna Temple, Wealth Professional Online.
Anna Temple:  On a busy advisor’s list of priorities, professional education can often fall to the bottom.  However Brian Knight of the Kapman Professional Education insists that advisors need to keep addressing gaps in their knowledge.

Brian Knight, National Manager, Sales: Kapman
Brian Knight:  If you look at it, most of the emphasis has been on the education standards and the training for new entrants into the industry to go forward.  There are thousands and thousands of planners and we see them when we look at their records when we are asked to, that they have old qualifications, in many cases well over 10 years old.  They are at basic diploma level and you think there needs to be as much emphasis on ensuring these planners are on a training journey, so that there is continual just as much focus on them taking the next step looking at specialist courses, how do they continue to develop their knowledge.  We need to make sure as an industry, that there is just as much emphasis on and we don’t lose sight of that in our haste to bring in welcome new standards for new entrants, but the existing planners that we are working hard to continue to develop them just as much.
Anna Temple:  Hard knowledge aside, Knight also believes the value of learning soft skills cannot be overestimated.
Brian Knight:  The planners are technically good, but it’s the ability to engage and understanding your clients, to be able to engage them, to be able to communicate in the right way in the right language at the right level, so that the clients understand rather than just regurgitating technical knowledge.  That we believe most definitely and even in latest CP 212, there is an enormous impact on what, the need for more skills and soft skills training is.  And so, we have over the last few years, introduced subjects into the Advanced Diploma and into our higher education programmes around client engagement, building a business, value propositions, emotional intelligence. So, these are skills that we are really starting to teach and planners can learn them and it needs to be, from our opinion an equal part of the balanced equation between developing your technical knowledge and your client engagement skills.
Anna Temple:  Knight also says that Kapman itself is constantly changing and evolving in accordance with the changing educational needs of advisors, investing heavily in a range of teaching methods including Online courses.
Brian Knight:  Kapman is changing quite dramatically, if you look at our courses now we are putting much more, as every course has been rewritten, every assessment piece has been rewritten because, and we are changing the structure of our courses.  We are adding subjects such as you know the client engagement skills subject.  We have put into the complex financial planning subject we have added now that planners present the plan rather than just prepare it, so where, it’s about those skills again.  Our assessment pieces are much more around how do you apply that knowledge.  We have changed some of the structures in the subject.  There is a recognition that generic knowledge needs to be at a higher level.  So, we have actually taken the first subject in the financial planning diploma and moved into two parts.  So, generic knowledge is recognised as a part on its own and we have put a lot more depth into that subject.  So, all in all we are trying to change all of our courses.  We have invested heavily in online learning, a lot more on interactive learning.  So, we are trying to, so that there is a range of and a raft of learning options no matter where someone is at in their career journey as a financial advisor or planner.
Anna Temple:  This is Anna Temple reporting for Wealth Professional Online.