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Best practice will help to keep best advice promise

Dan Powell of Actuate Advice Solutions says that cracking the best practice puzzle will help advisers better fulfil their clients' needs. 

Video transcript below:

Dan Powell, Head of Actuate Advice Solutions
Dan Powell:
 And it’s important for the industry that we debate that issue and deliver best advice, but what’s not being discussed in detail, enough detail is best practice.  How do advisors go about delivering that best advice to their clients in a consistent way, but also in a way that delivers proper outcomes for the advisor.

Well the last couple of years has been very dynamic in the industry, there has been a lot of change coming out of the GFC, there’s been FOFA which has been a big driver in the industry for that change, which is linked to this focus on best advice.  It’s all about keeping it pretty simple on how you run your business and to run that advice practice, it’s having a process, a documented way of how clients are engaged and how they are serviced and delivered on that promise.  And in that way you can deliver a cost effective solution to a client and to the practice and also deliver on your promise.  

It’s important that advisors keep it very simple, just have 2 to 3 goals of improving best practice, delivering best practice.  One of those I think is effective client segmentation and it might only mean having 3 or 4 segments in a practice, clearly define what’s a service proposition, what are the portfolio solutions and the pricing to that package of segmentation.  A recent survey by business health checks show that advisors wtih busy, with clear client segments can lift their productivity by 68%.  So I think it’s an easy win, a bit of work but it’s an easy win. I think the second one is seeking client feedback, very few advisors seek feedback from their clients and it’s simple solutions out there such as Survey Monkey, which is very simple package to send out to clients to get their feedback on your service in an anonymous way and client segmentation can lift productivity by 68% which was a recent survey result from our business health.  So I think there are very simple ways for practices to lift their productivity and to deliver on their promise.