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AFA urges advisers to continue on education path

As the industry spotlight moves on to adviser education, the AFA teams up with Kaplan Professional to release refreshed postgraduate options for advisers, creating a clearer continued education path.

Video transcript below:

Brad Fox, AFA, CEO
Brad Fox:
 We are celebrating the re-launch of the FchFP, the Fellow of Chartered Financial Practitioner Program, which over the last six months rebuilt with Kaplan Professional.  This is a leading edge program, it’s set at a post-graduate level.  Put through the toughest level of the courses available to advisors.  

Nick Hakes, Head of Campus, AFA
Nick Hakes:
 The financial advice landscape has changed dramatically over recent years and the number of advice businesses is just simply diverse and there is no cookie cutter approach or a silver bullet when it comes to providing financial advice solutions for clients and there is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to a professional pathway for financial advisors.  So what we have built with the FchFP is not really an academic course, it’s more of a business course and the business course captures I guess the balance between technical competence and knowledge and its practical application.  We know through our research of working with the leading advice practices around Australia that there is a number of critical success factors that they need.  So we have created the FCHFP at a post-graduate level, where we have read through all of the technical content, we have put it through the lens of a practitioner and advisors move through the FCHFP and implement four business projects into their business.  So really they are taking academic post graduate thinking and they are implementing it straight into their business. 

Brad Fox:  We decided Kaplan Professional because around the world most people in Australia don’t realise the size and the depth of quality of Kaplan as an organisation.  Here [we are like and] mostly the CBD stuff in advisor land.  There is so much more than that.

Nick Hakes:  We see education as the next inflection point for our profession and the FCHFP is a program that’s going to enable advisors to enhance their business performance, deliver quality advice outcomes to their clients and really lift the credibility of the financial advice profession in the eyes of the consumer.