Leads opportunity for advisers seeking SMSF clients

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With the SMSF market growing rapidly it’s more important than ever for advisers to keep up with trends and generate meaningful and long-term clients.

Many, however, may not have the time or expertise to focus on their online marketing activities.

Due to this gap in the market, a lead generation specialist that works with financial professionals to provide them with quality SMSF leads has emerged.

White Collar Quotes is a service that matches together clients and advisers that complement each other’s specific needs.

General manager Josh Golombick, said the service is unique in that rather than churning out a huge number of leads, the company focuses on quality and the right “fit” in a partnership between an adviser and a client.

“Advisers will get the clients that really fit, it’s quite a bespoke service, and the quality will be there,” he said. “From our end we have very strict quality criteria from the type of advisers we bring in because we also need to provide quality to consumers. It’s a win/win for everyone.”

Any adviser that is interested in using the service is interviewed to ensure their high standards and that they will respect and add value to the clients.

“The clients come to us inbound and we qualify them. We [then] recommend an adviser and set up a meeting. [The adviser] only pays us when they’ve converted the client,” said Golombick.

Although White Collar Quotes doesn’t solely provide leads for SMSF clients (accountants and mortgage brokers also use the service), it has become a new focus as the industry is surging.

“We’re quite a new business, but we are growing,” said Golombick.

Graeme Colley, the director Technical and Professional Standards for SMSF Professionals’ Association of Australia Limited (SPAA), said he thinks it's an interesting idea and there is clearly a need for it in the market.

"We had our conference recently and people sent me emails subsequently saying, 'is there a way we can get a match with advisers?' and I thought it was a neat thing to think about," he said. "If it builds confidence and good advice, it's great for the industry. It can only be encouraged."


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