OPINION: Your ‘passion’ is your value proposition

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Financial adviser coach Tony Vidler explains how a simple formula can provide you with a winning value proposition:

If there is one thing that makes an immediate difference to any professional’s marketing success it is having a clear and concise value proposition.

It also seems to be one of the hardest things for professionals to articulate though, and many struggle for years trying to get it feeling right for themselves.

The process of putting it together is not that difficult really – typically when I work through it with advisers we can get to the heart of it and have it nearly 100% spot on in just hours. That is, in itself, a significant breakthrough for many professionals, that leads to an immediate lift in business performance.


Because understanding what it is about you that is unique – having that point of difference – and being able to succinctly describe to your desired market how they benefit from working with you is incredibly powerful. Getting the words right so that you truly feel it represents you well, and is genuinely focused on the good that comes from working with you, positions you beautifully as a professional adviser. It also provides enormous confidence for the adviser.

It is in effect the hook that the rest of your branding and marketing swings from.

The formula is pretty straight forward; you’ve got to know who you’re marketing to, who is the ideal client? What do you actually really love doing in your work? What are you fantastic at?

A fantastic value proposition will capture what you’re great at doing, what you love doing, and how your ideal clients benefit from working with you. Usually it’s going to be really helpful to think of these things in terms of how a customer might describe what you’re doing, because when a customer describes it, it will help you understand how you’re different from other professionals and what it is that the clients value.

So put together your passion, plus your brilliance, plus a valuable win for the client, and you have a unique point of difference and value proposition that can sit at the heart of your marketing efforts.