OPINION: Planners' marketing: An empty Trojan horse

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Financial planners with poor marketing is like the Greeks forgetting to fill the Trojan horse with soldiers, says consultant in corporate communication, Joe Perri.

Can you imagine the outcome of the Trojan War if the Greeks had failed to fill their wooden horse with soldiers?  Instead of a breathtaking innovative strategy gaining victory and putting an end to the 10 year siege – the horse was simply pulled inside the city of Troy.  Rather than a Greek victory remembered for millennia, the Trojans instead went on to live happily ever after!

This hypothetical outcome is not dissimilar to real life situations faced by today’s business owners, especially those in professional and financial services.  Failing to keep pace with evolving consumer demands and expectations in the year ahead, through the application of modern marketing and communication processes will have Empty Trojan Horse ramifications. 

Unfortunately, many business owners cut corners on the construction of their marketing Trojan Horse.  Others are lazy or financially tight fisted to complete the task finding it easier not to fill the horse with soldiers; or worse, fail to arm the troops inside.

The integration of the online and offline marketing process is fundamental and crucial in today’s economic climate.  Far too many businesses don’t employ a holistic approach to their marketing, branding and positioning – especially the removal of roadblocks that hamper access to information required by clients and potential customers.

Convenience and ease of access are two major factors that must be integrated into a marketing communication process that is streamlined and dovetails into a single activity that ensures the business or individual is easy to find.

Ultimately, the success of the marketing Trojan Horse is built on an integrated framework that is focussed on connecting the business dots so that prospective customers don’t have to.