World opened to Australian investors

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Australian investors will now have far greater global investment choices thanks to the launch of William Blair’s first unit trusts in the country.

The Chicago-based asset manager has just opened its global leaders equity fund, emerging market leaders equity fund, and its dynamic diversified allocation fund to Australian institutional and wholesale investors.

The launch of the trusts is indicative of the desire to provide the Australian market with an opportunity to tap into the expertise of portfolio managers around the globe, said Dan Charles, William Blair’s head of global distributions.

“William Blair’s quality growth, bottom-up investment style looks to long-term consistent quality growth in the asset classes of global equities and emerging markets, with a style that is competitive with all of the biggest players in the Australian market,” he said.

The unit trusts offer Australian investors access to broader global equity market leaders and to industry sectors and themes that may not be accessible via the ASX, said Alex François, the head of Australian and New Zealand institutional distribution.

This is something that Australians need even more than US or European investors because of the comparatively small size of the Australian market.

“Investors in the developed world, which is now in recovery, need greater exposure to global geopolitical themes,” he said. “We look at the macroeconomic viewpoints of these themes and implement them within a portfolio that provides a total return.”


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