Want to be PM? Be an overseas investment banker

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With Malcolm Turnbull's ascent to power this week, it appears the best path to PM is to work at an offshore investment bank.

A Bloomberg report has pointed to the curious coincidence that former executives from Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank hold top political leadership positions in Australia and New Zealand.

Turnbull worked for Goldman Sachs from 1997 to 2001, while NZ Prime Minister worked for Merrill Lynch, eventually becoming head of global foreign exchange. Meanwhile, NSW Premier Mike Baird worked as an investment banker for Deutsche Bank.

Former Liberal leader John Hewson told Bloomberg that, while Turnbull's economic nous would serve him well, it would take more than a financial background to be a successful leader.

“Obviously a financial background helps, but you need more than a financial background to be successful in politics,” Hewson told Bloomberg.