Top tips for better business relationships

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The summer break is not only a good time to recharge your batteries but also to recharge your business. Doug Mathlin of FrontRunner Consulting group said advisers should take this time to review current business relationships, before moving forward in 2013.

He said it was an ideal time to ask clients what you were doing well, and what you could improve on. While you are doing this, Mathlin said, set targets and goals for that account partnership and specifically identify what things you need to do better to improve that relationship. He told Wealth Professional his top three tips that planners could use to get better results from their business relationships:

  1. Be clear on value proposition

Mathlin said your clients not only need to articulate what you do well, but also what else you do that they don’t expect.

  1. Deliver value-add for key accounts

This will make every key account an ambassador for your business, said Mathlin.

“Complete the transaction, fulfil their needs, then find something that’s going to wow them – impress them beyond what their expectation was. That’s when people are going to talk about you in a positive way…”

  1. Get feedback

After every transaction, Mathlin recommends going back to the client and asking what you did well and how you could improve.

“I think that’s a thing that would really confirm to your client that you’re not there just for sales, you’re there for the on-going relationship.”

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