Synchron now non-institutional number one

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Financial advice group Synchron now ranks at number 14 by advisers in Australia, and number one in the non-institutional space.

Director Don Trapnell made this announcement as part of a speech he delivered at the company’s national conference in Anaheim.

“That makes us about double the size of the next biggest non-institutional licensee. We are also number six in Australia for risk new business,” he said.

Milestones this year included adviser numbers reaching 50 in New South Wales, 100 in Queensland and 34 in Western Australia.

Trapnell said Synchron’s success was down to understanding the symbiotic relationship that exists between advisers, licensees, product providers, underwriters, sales executives, software manufacturer and the media.

By taking a holistic view of this environment the relationships are always win-win, he said.

“Everyone in the industry relies on someone else. Without the product providers, sales executives would have no product to show advisers and advisers would not be able to give sound financial advice,” he said.

“Without advisers, apart from the direct channel, life companies and fund managers would have difficulty getting their products to the end consumer.”

The Synchron conference featured world class speakers, including international hall of fame social media marketing speaker Terry Brock, US expert on customer service Laurie Guest, and surprise guest - the Australian voice of Siri - Karen Jacobsen.


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