Superannuation statistics change planned

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The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) would like your input on proposed changes to its superannuation statistical publications and confidentiality of superannuation data.

APRA wants to revise its Quarterly Superannuation Performance Statistics publication and introduce a Quarterly MySuper Statistics report. This handles changes to the superannuation reporting framework, and meets the authority's legal obligation to publish MySuper product-level statistics.

Also proposed  is to release superannuation statistics in a new data dissemination system and make all non-confidential data accessible through this new system. 

The discussion paper lets RSE licensees and interested parties provide feedback on APRA’s proposed changes to superannuation statistics, and to make their opinion known about APRA’s proposal to make data non-confidential.

APRA member Helen Rowell said now is the ideal time to review the purpose and scope of the superannuation statistics publicly released by APRA.

"There have been substantial changes to the structure and nature of the superannuation industry since 2004, as well as material changes to APRA’s superannuation data collection.

"‘It is important that APRA’s publicly released statistics facilitate and encourage analysis of whether the superannuation industry is achieving retirement income policy objectives over the medium to long term, and contribute to enhanced transparency, accountability and understanding of the superannuation industry."

Submissions on the proposals are due by 31 January.


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