Succession planning often overlooked, misunderstood

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The new COO and director of a financial firm's newly-launched business advisory service says planners often overlook succession planning.

Omniwealth has announced the appointment of Atle Crowe-Maxwell as its new COO and head of its business advisory service. Crowe-Maxwell previously worked as a corporate recovery parnet with BDO. In his new role, he is set to build a business advisory and succession planning service across the group.

“The synergies between an accounting practice and a financial planning practice all working together offers the right mix to assist businesses as they grow and mature. Owners need advice around the best strategy and structure for the business to weather the current business climate and succeed," he said.

Crowe-Maxwell said succession planning had been "overlooked or misunderstood" by many advisers working with SME clients. With more Australians moving toward retirement, he said the area was "centre stage" for many companies.

“Omniwealth now has a deeper expertise in-house to assist with planning succession strategies. We believe the first need in succession thinking is to assist clients develop the right strategy and the best structure before considering tax or funding matters,” he said.