Stockbroker signs onto new trading platform

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An independent stockbroker has joined the IRESS network to open the software provider's trading platforms to its clients.

OpenMarkets said it had joined the network to open access for its clients to both the IRESS Professional and IRESS Trader platforms.

“Our mission is to provide high-quality low-cost trading access to the Australian capital markets in the most flexible way. This includes expanding the range of trading front-ends for clients to trade through,” OpenMarkets CEO Rick Klink said.

“One of the benefits of being an independent technology broker is that we are free to integrate our broking services with a broad range of third-party software providers and tools. We had received significant demand from traders and advisers coming on board, who wanted to benefit from OpenMarkets’ services but continue to use IRESS.”
OpenMarkets said the IRESS platform would also provide access to a number of other solutions, including IRESS' order management system, and connectivity to ASX and Chi-X through the platform's Best Market Router.