Products making your life easier

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One of Australia’s leading financial document providers has experienced a growth spurt, launching three new products in the last couple of months. Earlier this year Topdocs integrated with XPLAN and class super, and they have now released a new SMSF Deed Update System. Topdocs managing director Jake Spakman says the increased activity is due to a huge scope in the sector for innovation and automation.

Their new Deed Update System promises to cut the deed updating process down to a tenth of the time it once took. The system allows planners, accountants, and SMSF administrators to order deed updates at the click of a button and allows them to house all client deeds in the system itself. Spakman says it has taken about 18 months to get the system exactly how they want it to be, and people they’ve spoken to so far have been very excited about it.

He has even more planned for the next few months, including an automated estate planning module around wills and powers of attorney, which he believes will be very innovative and exciting in the industry.

“We’re in the process of developing some SMSF courses and estate planning courses for the industry. There’s not very much in the market for [estate planning] at all for training for advisers, so that is a huge market. And SMSF; to have a high quality training course around the different areas involved in the SMSF market, is very important.”

As a former accountant, super fund administrator, owner of a dealer group, and licenced investment adviser, Spakman believes he understands the needs of these groups pretty well. “We focus on the needs of each of those groups and design systems to make life easier for them.”