Philanthropic planners please apply

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The Financial Planning Association (FPA) has $70,000 to give away, and it’s calling on its regional members to do it.

Marking a new decision-making process for the Future2 ‘make a difference’ grants, the regional chapters will be involved in the process of reviewing eligible applications to appoint the final grant recipients.

Each chapter’s shortlist will be forwarded to the Future2 grants committee. The committee will then make recommendations to the board, which will have the final decision.

Community not-for-profits and charities that work to give a better future to young Australians who are living with a disadvantage are able to submit an application to access part of the $70,000 grant pool, as long as they have the support of a planner who is a member of the FPA.

The application process will run from 1 April to 31 July.

Other changes to the structure of Future2 this year have been made in order to build longer term relationships with organisations that receive funding, make the application process faster, and increase the involvement of financial planners in the review process.

The chair of the Future2 grants committee Corrina Dieters said the value for not-for-profits and charities to have greater certainty of funding has been recognised.

“For the first time we will include grants of up to $30,000 made over a three year period, as well as continuing our practice of making one-year grants of up to $10,000 for one year only,” she said, adding that it’s also been an important move to involve regional planners in the decision making. “There is a clear synergy with the grant program and financial planners who are looking to improve the financial situation of clients each and every day.”

Since 2007 Future2 has awarded grants of more than $300,000 to community not-for-profits and charities working to give a better life for young people that are at risk.


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