No beauty parade here: New association for advisers launched

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A new Australian association that is run by practising advisers for the benefit of practising advisers has just been launched.

The Association of Real Return Investment Advisers (ARRIA) has been formed to help advisers incorporate real return strategies into their businesses as well as provide guidance in the areas of regulations, insurance, portfolio construction, implementation and administration.

The association will also liaise with government, regulatory bodies and other relevant industry groups on behalf of its members.

Membership is open to professional advisers, fund managers, asset consultants, research houses, platform providers, trustees and PI underwriters, said general manager Philip Reid.

In December last year, Wealth Professional spoke to Reid after he had set up an initial peer support group that sought to help advisers access information about often-tricky alternative investments strategies.

“There’s great benefit in advisers coming together. It’s a like-minded peer group and we’re all trying to help our clients. By getting advisers together all facing the same problems, more is discussed and solved,” Reid said at the time.

And because it was adviser-led, there was to be no “beauty parade” of fund manager product – instead the advisers set the agenda in a quest to advance best practice and diversify their portfolios.

Now a few months on, and the peer support group has been taken to the next level.

It has just been made an adviser-led incorporated association with round table discussions on the agenda for May and June.

Reid said ARRIA is an important vehicle that can be used by advisers to pool resources and direct efforts in the research and developments of tools specifically built for the objectives of the association, which is “implement and integrate”.

“When we talked to advisers the issues tended to be similar: How can we evolve best practice in this space? Rather than each of these guys dealing with it one at a time, we can address it as a group,” he said. “I think advisers are also wanting to know what others are doing.”

Membership costs $1,000 for advisers, and $5,000 for fund managers, but those wanting to get to know the association before joining are welcome to attend one of the upcoming round tables, said Reid.

At inception ARRIA consists of four independent adviser firms and four fund managers. It is also managed by a board that includes three advisers.

“It’s a new herd forming of like-minded people with specific issues and challenges. Some guys are further down the path than others, so there’s great benefit,” said Reid. “We’re all trying to achieve these better outcomes and the benefits of the peer group allow us to look at best practice in this area by pooling and leveraging resources.”


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