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Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals partners with Instreet to offer structured product to members

The growing investor demand for financial products that differentiate financial planning businesses and creates value for clients is driving an alliance between the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals (AIOFP) and Instreet Investment.

Instreet will issue a specifically tailored structured product for member-owned AFSL holding entity, Personal Choice Management (PCM), which provides investment services and products for AIOFP members.

Peter Johnston, director of PCM, said: “Our member feedback shows that advisers are looking for new investment options to differentiate their business from institutionally aligned practices as optimism comes back into the Australian market. We have partnered with Instreet, a strong player in the structured products sector, to meet this demand.”

“The PCM Structured Product was designed with a working committee of advisers within the association to ensure that the end result was an investment solution that was relevant to a diverse range of advisers and their clients.” 

George Lucas, managing director Instreet, says: “We are very excited to partner with AIOFP as we have always valued feedback from independent advisers to develop relevant products for their clients.

“We have been offering a tailored solution to the market for a number of years now.  It is an empowering experience for our customers as it contributes to their own unique business proposition by delivering a tailored solution for their clients that truly respond to their investment needs.

“This was the criteria set up by AIOFP in front of us. This new product allows AIOFP members to create value for their clients. It offers them access to specific markets and build investment strategies with underlying investments covering Mid Cap US stocks, European Stocks, South East Asian stocks and Australian markets,” Lucas says.

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