New partnership offer for boutique licensees

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Non-aligned advice firm SFG Australia has launched business to business offering, Actuate, in an attempt to help boost the profitability of boutique AFSL holders.

Dan Powell, Head of Actuate says there is a bright future for forward-thinking, non-aligned AFSLs to thrive in a more demanding regulatory and consumer environment, but that it requires clear and effective operating models.

By partnering with Actuate, Powell says AFSLs will get access to:

  • Licensee and Advice solutions
  • Research services
  • Technical support
  • Access to portfolio and platform solutions
  • Partnership coaching, AFSL management and growth
  • Sales and marketing material

“We know what advisers want and we also know what they need, because we are advisers ourselves, we are not platform providers,” Powell said. “With such an intense period of industry consolidation, we are seeing more advisers wanting to control their destiny and obtain their own AFSL.

“We want to help them manage the complexity of their practices so they can focus on providing value to their clients and succeed in growing their businesses.”

Tony Fenning, managing director of SFG Australia says the launch of Actuate is an exciting opportunity for SFG Australia to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to other AFSLs. He says that SFG Australia does not manufacture platforms, is completely adviser-focused and is committed to providing services that will lead on to the best outcomes for the client.