New head honcho gets the ball rolling at SPAA

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The SPAA has announced a new technical director as Peter Burgess leaves the association to join AMP as head of policy and technical. Burgess will be succeeded by SPAA’s director of education and professional standards Graeme Colley.

Colley has more than 30 years’ experience in the superannuation industry and has been directly involved in formulating policy, developing legislation and providing high level technical advice, says SPAA CEO Andrea Slattery.

This year the association will be placing a bigger emphasis on education, which will be looked after by Liz Ward, who has been recognised as the best in financial services education in Australia, according to Slattery.

Colley’s new role requires the ability to interpret all 33 laws that impact on SMSF and super advice and to help other people to understand them. He says he will still be involved in helping with the education side of things, but that he will now be in charge of a bigger team, including Jordan George who will be working under him.

He estimates that SPAA will be doing around 70 webinars for members this year.  He says they’ll be targeting people that have an interest in self-managed super funds, those in aged-care looking at succession planning, and real estate agents or mortgage brokers who want to learn more about SMSFs because of limited recourse borrowing arrangements.

“The challenge is to move the organisation on from where it is. It’s in a great position at the moment. If, after a couple of years, I can look back and think I’ve moved it that little bit more then I’ll be more than pleased with what I’ve done in the job.”

Burgess leaves the association on Friday and Colley will formally step into the role that he has been preparing for over the past three weeks. He says he has done ‘these sorts of things’ a number of times and is confident that things will run smoothly.