New director at major life insurer

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Life insurer TAL Chair Rob Thomas announced the appointment of Shinichi Aizawa to the TAL Board of directors yesterday.

Aizawa is the Executive Officer at Dai-ichi Life and is responsible for the whole of the overseas insurance business of Dai-ichi Life group. Aizawa said, “I am proud of becoming a member of TAL Board of Directors. Since both TAL and Dai-ichi Life are life insurance specialists, Dai-ichi Life would like to enhance the partnership with TAL, help TAL continue to successfully grow and also explore the opportunity to share TAL’s practices and experiences with other group companies.”

He joined Dai-ichi Life in 1983 and has had long periods of experience and service in investment and overseas business areas. This included working in the US for a number of years.

Aizawa replaces Takayuki Kotani who stepped down as a TAL director on 31 March 2013 to take a new leadership role in Dai-ichi Life.

Thomas said, “Mr Kotani has been a TAL director going back to the early days of Dai-ichi Life’s investment in TAL. TAL has been extremely successful during this period, with strong support from Dai-ichi Life. We thank Mr Kotani for his collaboration and assistance in helping to ensure our success and wish him well in his new role.”

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