Mortgage brokers tapping into financial advising

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A mortgage broking company has discovered that around 75% of SMSF trustees are not using a financial adviser, and has seized the opportunity.

Resi Mortgage Corporation announced a joint venture with Shartru Wealth Management to have qualified advisers working alongside mortgage specialists, to provide financial advice to Resi clients. Resi CEO Angelo Malizis said the company had been planning the move for some time:

“Buying a home is the largest financial decision most people will make in their lifetime. It makes sense for home buyers to consider their broader financial goals and practical needs, so they can ensure their home loan fits their financial position now and in the future,” he said. “It also benefits our franchisees, as many customers prefer the convenience of using one provider to manage all their investments needs.”

Shartru Wealth Management chairman Dr John Hewson said the partnership would allow the company to reach more Australians and “create opportunities for advisers looking for a new and growing dealer group with an established retail franchise.”

Malizis said there had been a very positive response to the program from both Resi clients and its franchisees, with a high number of enquiries and referrals already received. He said SMSF clients offered a great opportunity to the group, with many being inadequately insured and possibly retiring without a properly diversified investment portfolio.  

“We know that many of these Australians are favourable to property investing, so we will be building on this to give clients a more balanced asset allocation and portfolio.” 

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