Life sentence for killer adviser

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A British financial adviser was locked away for life this week after a jury found him guilty of beating to death a millionaire client from whom he had siphoned money to fund a lavish lifestyle.

David Jeffs, 36, killed Roberto Troyan, 63, after the client realised his accounts had been depleted.

Jeffs stole £343,000 ($620,850) to fund an extravagant lifestyle of drugs, sports cars, top-end dining and luxury holidays.

The police investigation found that he obtained blank cheques from Troyan, supposedly for investments, but which he cashed himself between March 2010 and February 2012. Jeffs claimed the huge payments were his fees.

Troyan’s body was found in a pool of blood by a cleaner in the kitchen of his home in one of London’s priciest neighbourhoods on 8 March.

The killer had left no sign of entry at the house, and attempted to cover his tracks by purchasing replica clothes to replace those that were bloodstained.

But forensic scientists later found a drop of Troyan's blood on the briefcase Jeffs was carrying when he visited his client’s home.

Jeffs had been employed as Troyan’s financial adviser in 2005 following the death of the millionaire’s partner, an architect whose clients included the British royalty. 

The jury convicted Jeffs of murder and fraud, and he was sentenced to 24 years in prison.


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