Licensee taking over WA

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Synchron set out to double the number of advisers it had in Western Australia in six months, and as at 31 March, the licensee had more than met its target.

It now has 31 authorised representatives – up from 14 – under its banner. Synchron Director, Don Trapnell said the group first had to change the way that people perceived the licensee.

“We engaged with every industry partner we have in WA - BDMs, state managers and advisers - and asked them for their opinion of Synchron,” he said. “Their responses proved that there was a world of difference between how Synchron was perceived in the west and how we are perceived in the east. We realised we needed to align those perceptions to best reflect who we are and how we engage with our authorised reps.”

Trapnell said that with the help of WA state manager Bernie Fernandes, Synchron was able to spread its reputation for ‘valuing relationships’. He also said that making the transition in and out of the group as simple as possible, was important.

“We believe that making transitions simple for advisers was a key factor in our success in WA. It’s win/win for all involved.”

Synchron’s NextGen conference, which will take place in August at Varsity Lakes in Queensland, will focus on the group’s reputation for valuing relationships.

“Our success in WA is a powerful demonstration of how very valuable relationships are to success in financial services,” he said. “At NextGen this year we will be helping our younger advisers develop skills that strengthen and enhance relationships.”

At the NextGen conference, Synchron Independent Chair Michael Harrison will be conducting a skills workshop focusing on understanding client needs from a young adviser's viewpoint.