La Trobe given 'strong' rating for financial asset management

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Specialist lender La Trobe Financial has been given a “strong” rating for the third time for its financial asset management arm, La Trobe Financial Asset Management.

In its report, Australia Ratings commented: “Key to [La Trobe Financial’s] sound operation is the experience and knowledge of its management together with its approach in choosing the right mortgages to match investor appetite.

“Consistent and clear processes, regular monitoring and reporting, and periodic review for improvement all contribute to Australia Ratings’ Very Strong ranking on its approach in managing its risks and complying with its legal and operational requirements.”

La Trobe’s vice president & chief investment officer, Chris Andrews, says its focussed approach has enabled the credit specialist to continue to deliver in volatile times.

“The key reasons for the strong performance is our industrial strength credit assessment and compliance process, conservative LVR maxima and careful diverse portfolio construction.

“We only invest in mortgage credit and this simple approach administered by experts is fundamental to the La Trobe Financial investment philosophy.”