ISN poaches former politicians

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The former Minister for Health and the former Treasurer of Victoria have both been appointed as chair and deputy chair of the Industry Super Network Board.

The Hon Peter Collins AM QC, former Minister for Health, Attorney General and Treasurer of NSW has been appointed as chair of the Industry Super Network Board, after previously acting as deputy chair. This position will now be filled by former Premier and Treasurer of Victoria, Hon John Brumby.

Industry Super Network chief executive David Whiteley said he was delighted to welcome John Brumby to the board and Peter Collins to his new role.

“Mr Collins and Mr Brumby have held highly esteemed positions in public office and have a demonstrated commitment to our guiding principle of putting the interests of members first. We are proud to have them leading our Board.”

Collins has been a director of industry super fund HOSTPLUS since 2006 and Brumby has served as independent chair of industry super fund MTAA Super since 2011.

Collins thanked former chair, Hon Steve Bracks, who is preparing for a new role as Australian Consul General in New York.

“I’m very proud to serve as chair of ISN and look forward to working with John Brumby and the rest of the ISN team towards maximising the retirement savings and income of over 5 million Industry SuperFund members,” said Collins.

“Our super system is the envy of the world, and should remain so. ISN will continue to provide much needed leadership by standing up for our super system and safeguarding Australia’s retirement savings.”

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  • Philip Zappala on 30/08/2013 11:03:10 AM

    Its quite remarkable that the heads of some superannuation funds are firstly politicians and secondly not specialist business people with possibly a decade or so of experience that most of the other larger providers have.

    I think it goes to show that Labor and its policy directions have been "fabricated" by politics rather then what is best for the industry and consumers alike. We have seen nothing but degregation of industry and an increase in red tape which is suffocating business.

    Labor stands for an unlevel playing field, where people like Industry funds do not play with the same rules as others and can openly do so with little benefit to consumers. Labor by its policies and rules have their favourites and the residual industry can fall by the wayside. They are undemocatic, unAustralia
    and are simply destroyers of industry. This country was not founded and made by the union, it was made of free enterprise, a fair go for all and smart innovative people whom worked hard.

    The facts are the industry Funds are making all the running and and the rest of the advice industry are simply following along. God help this industry, its shrinking and will continue to do so for the forseeable future.

  • Fedup on 30/08/2013 10:43:09 AM

    the reference was in regard to Mr Bracks and Brumby not Mr Collins.

  • Cyndy on 29/08/2013 11:45:26 AM

    just a thought -
    "Collins was elected to the seat of Willoughby in the Legislative Assembly in 1981 as a Liberal"

  • Fedup on 29/08/2013 11:40:57 AM

    This would be up there with Carl Williams being poached by a drug rehab centre, Eddy Obeid poached by the Minerals Council and Derek Percy poached by the Child protection Authority.

  • Alistair on 29/08/2013 9:31:59 AM

    Now this is interesting. Nice to also know that Bracks was also part of the ISN.
    Labor party nitwits with the Union movement. A match made in heaven.
    Lets also not forget that these Labor circus clown ministers were in charge of here in Victoria matters like oh Myki where upwards of $1 Billion dollars was spent on a failed system of transport which is still a noose around the necks of every Victorian taxpayer together with a Desalinition plant which is also massively over cost and will be a white elephant for Victorians also for decades to come much like the NBN.
    Why do we choose to reward failure by ensuring that those that lie and deceive are put in charge of ever increasing amounts of our money.?
    These 2 appointments are a disgrace and should scare every ISN member.
    Remember the MTAA super fund and the disaster of that fund a few years ago? And of course what about conflicts of interest issues with trustees, their private interests and super funds such as the Meat Industry Super Fund ? or have we forgotten ?
    Labor, the Union movement and their kind belong in jail. Its that simple.
    Lets hope that when the Liberal party gain office Sept 7, that they do what is needed to clean up this rogues gallery and that is to subject every union official and trustee of these funds to the full force of Corporations Law. This is a farce in this country where failure deception and incompetence is rewarded.
    As for us in the FP industry, we do not get this type of treatment so why should they ?
    Bring on Sept 7 and lets throw Labor out.

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