Have planners lost their mojo?

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A recent survey by dating site VictoriaMilan.com.au highlights the sexiest professions in Australia, and has even broken the figures down into age, region, gender and sexual orientation. So where does financial planning sit, and what kind of person would be seeking you out?

‘Banking and financial services’ and accounting both received 1.4% across the board, but you might not want to tell people you’re in insurance or superannuation. Across every age group and every state, the insurance and superannuation profession received 0.0%.

Planners would fare better if they were in Melbourne or Brisbane, with more respondents from these areas rating them as the sexiest professionals (2.1% and 2.2% respectively). If you work your way up to CEO or general management you will also be placed higher at 2.2%.

So who does rate financial services professionals as the sexiest? According to the survey; a single, bisexual male, aged 30-39, living in Brisbane.

Planners were seventeenth out of 34 professions, equal with accountants and those in science and technology. They were beaten by not only lawyers, defence force and sports professionals, but also students and the unemployed. However, they came out on top of teachers, engineers, real estate agents and Government professionals.

Sports and recreation took out the top spot, but insurance and superannuation shared the bottom spot with manufacturing, transport and logistics.

As for journalists…they might not be high up either, but 3.1% isn’t to be sneezed at.