FRIDAY FUN: Would you take financial advice from a supermodel’s father?

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Miranda Kerr’s riches may have more to do with her natural talents than her father’s financial wisdom, but that hasn’t stopped him offering his wealth management lessons to the nation.

John Kerr has revealed that "spare change" helps pay off his mortgage early, forgetting to mention his millionaire daughter.

He told The Sydney Morning Herald all his loose gold and silver coins were a goldmine for mortgage payments.

“I have a container in my car that holds a couple of hundred dollars in coins and every time that's full I put it into a big money box, then every year I'd take that to the bank and cash the coins in and it would come to about $4,000 and I'd put that straight into the house,” he said.

“And I never forget the saying, I think my dad told me, that a little bit will always add up to a lot. I just look at things and look to try and pay as much off my home loan as I can.

“I always hated owing money to the bank.”

No need for small change: Miranda Kerr poses in her role as Qantas ambassador. Photo: Qantas.