​Five minutes with…Christine Hornery, FMS Group

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Christine Hornery is the director of FMS Group, and won the 2012 Association of Financial Advisers Female Excellence in Advice Award. 

Why financial advice?
Being a financial adviser and mentor comes naturally to me. I have a passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives every day. 

How would you sum up advisers in three words?
Professional, educated and empathetic.

How would you change the industry?
I would raise awareness of the need for strategic comprehensive advice and support initiatives that attract more women to not only enter the profession, but to also seek financial advice from a professional.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?
To start up my own family business.

What’s the most important thing an adviser can do to develop their business?
Focus on advice, strategy and client relationships. Offer a service that is valued and communicate with your clients regularly to ensure that you deliver exceptional client service. 

If you were Prime Minister for one day, what would you do?
Our politicians are responsible for the positive governance of our country and people. They should be seen as mentors and role models and so I would introduce legislation covering parliamentary etiquette. I would set firm laws about ethics, standards, behaviours and manners. Clear agendas would be set, debating rules would be applied and I would remove the ability to personally attack anyone. 

I would have that finished by morning tea and could then focus on other areas such as incentive schemes to individuals and employers around employment, productivity, education and small business. 

I would reduce the cost of childcare by making it tax deductible. I would ensure that legislation is introduced so aged pensioners are not expected to live below the poverty line. I would introduce lesiglation that allows our elderly to stay as close to one another as practicable and receive care that is regarded as the best in the world. 

My final piece of legislation would be to make initial financial advice tax deductible. I’d work with the professional bodies to educate the Australian public on the benefits of seeking advice and strategy from licensed professionals.  

What’s the biggest challenge facing the industry today?
Changing people’s perception of financial advisers and helping them understand the need for and see the benefits of seeking the services of a professional financial adviser.

If you could invite three people to dinner, dead or alive, and excluding family and friends, who would they be and why?
Princess Diana – I felt she still had a lot to offer the world and I would love to hear what she still wanted to achieve.

J.K. Rowling – She is a woman of great talent and never gave up even when people told her that her books would never be published. She also overcame adversity.

Dame Helen Mirren – She is inspirational to me because she has been able to achieve a great deal in her life. She is a woman with great aspirations and goals and never lost focus.

Complete this sentence: If I wasn’t in advice, I would be…
An event co-ordinator. I love planning events whether it’s a wedding or a family dinner. Just the feeling of bringing people together with beautiful surroundings brings me so much happiness.


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