Financial planning software house expands

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Financial planning software house AdviserLogic is now self-sufficient at procuring transactional data feeds for its users, it has announced.

The company, which offers a tool to let financial advisers deliver compliant advice, directly receives 26 investment data feeds covering more than 200 platforms. 
Daniel Gara, its head of product development, said the AdviserLogic team had been working hard over the past two years to establish direct relationships with the major platforms, to make sure users receive automatic daily data directly. 
“Not needing to deal with an intermediary has improved the timeliness and quality of data that AdviserLogic users see in their client accounts. 
“Our attitude is that if the platform has an existing data delivery method and any one of our advisers want it, we will gladly make the integration happen through our enhanced data feed framework which can construe and process data irrespective of type or delivery method.”
AdviserLogic’s daily reconciliation process means high level of data accuracy – 99.99%, said Gara.
“This gives our users the confidence to generate investment reporting and advice documents without needing to constantly double-check data. Advisers love the increase in efficiency which frees them and their staff up for other tasks making them more profitable.”
Direct access to the source of data means AdviserLogic users get more data points, including fee data, which is important in the prevailing FoFA environment, Gara said.
The AdviserLogic team work with established and new platforms, including insurance companies, to make data feed processes efficient, he said.