Far out Friday: The business card that has everyone talking

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A touch of exaggeration in a CV is one thing, but one Chinese tycoon has taken beefed-up self-promotion to a whole new level.

He may be successful, wealthy beyond means and known for his charity, but evidently modesty isn't on Chen Guangbiao's list of attributes. 'China earthquake rescue hero', 'China moral leader' and 'Most influential person in China', however, are.

Gunbiao's business card, which has gone viral on Twitter, reveals the tycoon is is also the country's ‘most charismatic philanthropist' and is on the list of China's top 10 most honourable volunteers.

Oh, and did we mention he is also the ‘most well-known and beloved Chinese role model'?

As for his business skills he is a top advocate for environmental protection and China's foremost ‘environmental preservation demolition expert’

The business card has been causing much amusement on the Twittersphere with many tweeting about the card and an app created for users to create their own versions of the business card.

Guangbiao is listed as one of China’s 400 richest people after making his fortune by founding Huangpu Renewable Resources. He is well known in China for his eccentric ways and publicity stunts such as selling canned fresh air to residents of Beijing. He has donated heavily to charity and had his profile boosted after the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake when he brought in cranes and trucks to help rescue survivors. He also handed out 100 yuan notes ($18) to the victims.

Guangbiao's most recent business venture that made headlines was his unsuccessful attempt to buy the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. In an interview on the takeover attempt, Guangbiao stated he would be well equipped to run the newspapers as he is "very good at working with Jews".

In the interview with Sinovision, a New York-based Chinese television station, Guangbiao said he was aware that many American newspapers are Jewish-owned, and that he would get along especially well with Jewish people as he has "equally competent IQ and EQ" in comparison.

And just in case you're starting to think your business card could do with an update, now you can create your own Chen Guangbiao-style business card.


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