Far out Friday: Important holiday reminder

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While you’ve no doubt been preparing for months, these things tend to sneak up on people, much like Christmas, anniversaries and alleyway muggers, so we thought we’d issue a friendly reminder: Wednesday, November 20, is national Go Home on Time Day (GHTD).

GHTD is an annual initiative carried out by the Australian Institute and Beyondblue, aimed at promoting mentally healthy workplaces and sufficient work/life balance.

“Go Home on Time Day is a light-hearted way to start a serious conversation and when so many people say work – either too much or not enough – is making them anxious, then it’s clearly a conversation that needs to be had,” says The Australia Institute executive director, Richard Denniss.

This year’s campaign focuses on actively engaging workplaces to acknowledge the impact of the workplace on people’s mental health and wellbeing, by promoting activities such as a lunchtime yoga class, a morning or afternoon tea and a set time for everyone to go home.

Also coming up over the next eight weeks are the following, nearly as important dates:

October 8: Face Your Fears Day

Celebrate by letting peanut butter stick to the roof of your mouth if you’re an Arachibutyrophobic, ordering Chinese food if you’re a Consecotaleophobic, or burying yourself in a mound of daffodils if you’re a Xanthophobic. There are so many phobias out there, you're bound to have one (and yes, the fear of yet more conversations with coworkers involving Breaking Bad references totally counts).

October 10: Porridge Day

This one’s fairly self-explanatory. If you happen to be in Singapore on the day, you may wish to celebrate by ordering a Chicken SingaPorridge - a cup of porridge with bits of chicken, ginger, onion, shallots and chili peppers - from your local Maccas.

November 7: Men Make Dinner Day

We’re not sure why this holiday exists. Sure, we could be wrong about the idea that 20th century gender stereotypes got chucked out in a giant, cosmic rubbish bag as soon as the clock struck Y2K, but somebody apparently forgot to mention this to the good folks at daysoftheyear.com. So let’s just humour them, shall we? Gentlemen, fire up your toasted sandwich makers! And no, chips are not a vegetable.

November 19: Have a Bad Day Day

Celebrate by not celebrating anything, because your bus broke down on the way to work and then you forgot your phone at home so you can’t call the client you were supposed to meet at 11 to tell them you’re running late because there’s a chicken outside your office and you’re an Alektorophobic and even though you tried to hug a chicken on October 8 you couldn’t, you just couldn’t; those beady little eyes shone up at you like the buttons on Satan’s pinstriped dinner jacket and you just froze. Now you'll have to stay late, because office policy states that you must go home on time for GHTD tomorrow.