Far out Friday: 10 craziest tweets from J.P. Morgan’s Q&A

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It has happened before. Social media is such an erratic beast for the uninitiated, that PR firms the world over ponder how they can conquer it; how the ancient brand they are working with can get down with the kids, so to speak.

Generally? They turn to the unpaid intern for advice. They ask them what they would do. The intern, trying to do right, suggests a Twitter Q&A.

The salmon-suit-wearing PR execs, more out of touch with reality than their fashion-sense, think that is a great idea. They’ve heard of this ‘Twitter’ before. They read about it on Yahoo News! They’re ‘plugged in’ to the ‘information superhighway’.

And so, throwing caution, common sense, and any understanding of the internet to the wind, they ask the Twittersphere to Tweet them questions.

The latest victim? J.P. Morgan, who yesterday tweeted that they were taking questions on the hashtag #ASKJPM.

The results were, as could be expected, hilarious. Below are WP’s top picks.

Before answer-time even began, J.P. Morgan tweeted the following:

Can you really blame them?