ETF market remains resilient

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The ETF industry has maintained resilience in spite of global share volatility, it has been claimed.

According to ETF provider BetaShares, the Australian exchange traded fund industry increased by $223m to $20.6bn in total funds under management in February. This rise was despite a 2% decline in Australian and global share markets.

BetaShares said the industry saw the majority of its growth from new money rather than from increases in asset values. New money accounted for 80% of the industry's growth, at a value of $181m.

Investor appetite for "risk-off" exposures also increased, with gold bullion exposures seeing inflows of $20m.

"Gold exposures have recently had renewed demand levels, with exchange traded products over gold receiving inflows in the past few months, something we have not seen in this industry for a number of years," BetaShares managing director Alex Vynokur said.

"“Gold is traditionally seen as a safe haven asset and the recent spike in investor interest demonstrates that a number of investors are turning to gold as a store of value as some globally significant central banks are pursuing a negative interest rate policy."