Comment of the week goes to...

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This week's best comment goes to... Merv Gay, for his cynical response to a breaking news story Wealth Professional put out on Tuesday. 

Disgraced financial adviser Glenn Russell Evans was handed a lifetime ban by ASIC, after he was jailed in May for fraudulent conduct that cost investors more than $1.6 million.

The conduct happened while Evans was a director of now deregistered Kismet Trading, where he failed to invest clients' money, provided false trading and performance reports, failed to repay balance of proceeds to investors and used clients' money as collateral for his personal trading account.

Merv Gay's comment?

"Oh gee. If only he'd signed Bill Shorten's proposed "Client's Best Interest Form" he wouldn't have stolen anything. Then there's the Fee Disclosure Statement. That would have slowed this criminal down too. Please Bill, come back....."