Comment of the Week goes to....

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This week the financial planning industry received some good news in the form of Your Best Interests, a new reality TV series that will help to demonstrate the value of advice.

Tuesday’s article about the new initiative was well-received by readers, and there were many positive comments to choose from.

However, our pick of the week goes to Anne Fuchs - Pinnacle Practice. Responding to another comment, Anne explained why the TV series will be successful and also made a call out to everyone in the industry to show a collaborative approach:

“To big Trev, we hope that you are positively surprised by the show because:
1) Your Best Interest is about people's lives and how advice changes them for the better. It is not about product.
2) Any professional practitioner will always recommend whatever is in the client's best interest, be it insurance through an industry fund or a stand alone policy.

As a personal comment, I look forward to the day when then is no longer a 'them and us' approach to parts of the market and we work together for the better of all Australians. I invite anyone in the industry fund segment of the market to get on board and tell your stories so that more Australian's change their perception of advice and that they make the conscious decision to seek help from an expert to protect and grow what they have.”

Thanks to everyone who spoke out to show their support. And like your mother used to say, you're all winners.