Brokerage announces new 'thematic' investment product

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A global brokerage has launched a new "thematic" investment product it says allows investors to capitalise on key trends.

Invast has announced a new product it says structures portfolios around themes to allow investors to take advantage of market trends with professionally constructed portfolios of Direct Market Access (DMA) CFDs over highly liquid global shares and ETFs.

"“These portfolios consist of a collection of stocks relating to a specific market theme or trend. Some of the popular themes among investors include ‘Ageing Population Australia’ and ‘US Cyber Security’. Other themes include ‘Bullish Australian Property’,  ‘Iconic Australian Brands” and ‘Takeover Targets Australia’,” said Mr Gunn. "These are unique and well researched themes. The ‘Diversified Asset Bearish’ strategy, for example, enables investors to benefit from falling markets and the numbers speak for themselves – that strategy is up an amazing 77.2% over the past year (to September 4, 2015) and 9.5% higher over the past month," Invast CEO Brendan Gunn said.

Gunn said the company's PortfolioInvestor platform currently has around 30 investment themes.

“As the ‘Diversified Asset Bearish’ strategy has shown, investors can benefit from rising and falling markets, and this strategy could provide a handy hedge as part of a very well diversified portfolio, especially given the likelihood of further stock market volatility ahead,” Gunn said.