Bringing accounting and planning together

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With more and more people looking for a ‘one stop shop’ for accounting and financial planning, two firms have decided to band together and provide current and future clients with the ‘full service offering they are looking for’.

Perry Egan Partners is a Leichhardt-based firm that offers the full suite of accounting services but doesn’t offer financial planning. “We have wanted to move into Financial Planning for some years now, but we wanted to wait until we could team up with an experienced firm,” said Perry Egan managing partner Michael Egan. So they chose financial planning group Omniwealth.

“Omniwealth is a perfect fit for our business as they are very experienced, fee for service and they specialise in direct investments, including property.”

“Our clients will benefit greatly from the partnership as they can now have all of their accounting and financial planning needs looked after under one roof” Egan says.

Omniwealth Managing Director, Matthew Kidd said “Being able to expand our business by joining Perry Egan Partners is a fantastic opportunity for us. Combining accounting and financial planning is not easy, so having an experienced partner firm like Perry Egan allows us every chance of success, which is exciting,”

“The real future of Financial Advice is bringing accounting and financial planning together, as it’s what clients want and demand, so this new venture is simply keeping in step with where the industry is heading” Kidd says.