Best practice winners announced

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The FPA has recognised some of the profession’s top financial planners in Australia through their Best Practice Awards.

The annual awards recognise Australia’s best financial planners who deliver exceptional qualified and trusted financial advice using the highest standard of ethics, practice standards and professional conduct in the country.

CEO of the FPA, Mark Rantall, says the Best Practice Awards recognise “the best of the best”.

“FPA members comply with some of the highest financial planning standards on a global stage. These Award winners have not only complied with the FPA Code, but in so doing have offered a considerable contribution to the profession through community involvement, mentoring and support to their local FPA Chapter.

“Our profession has been through a period of tremendous change in recent years and has made significant strides in advancing the global standing of the profession. These planners have, in spite of any interruption to business, persisted for their clients’ best interests.”

The 2013 winners of the FPA’s Best Practice Awards are:   

James Kenny, CFP has been awarded both the Queensland as well as the National FPA CFP Professional Best Practice Award. Kenny is a mentor to undergraduate students and young financial planners, helping to ensure the future of financial advice in Australia and fostering professionalism in the next generation of CFP professionals.

Mark Milner, Financial Planner AFP, has been awarded both the Queensland and the National FPA Financial Planner AFP Best Practice Award.  Milner has shown his dedication to providing the highest calibre of advice to his clients by working towards becoming a CFP – which he is set to achieve in 2014.  

Jeremy Gillman-Wells, CFP, has been awarded both the Australian Capital Territory and National Future2 Community Service Best Practice Award.  Gillman-Wells volunteers his time as a pro bono CFP with the NSW Cancer Council.  

Rantall offered his congratulations to the three planners and thanked them for “the extraordinary service they give not only their clients but our professional community as well”.

“Through the quality advice they provide, James, Mark and Jeremy are making a difference in the lives of many, many Australians and in the future of the financial planning profession.”

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