Australia's next top model ... portfolio

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A finance and investment TV show has announced a partnership that will see it develop model portfolios for investors.

Evolution media, the production company behind the television program No More Practice Investment Series, said it would partner with Lonsec to develop the portfolios. Evolution CEO Vanessa Stoykov said the partnership would allow consumers to make better investment decisions.

"A TV show that results in investment models is a first. We are very pleased to be collaborating with Lonsec on this initiative," Stoykov said.

"The value of boutique fund managers is of crucial importance to investors. This kind of education with outcomes is the future."

The company said that the model portfolios - structured to meet a specific risk profile and mandate - would make it easy for consumers to understand the merit of each individual fund. Lonsec CEO Amanda Gillespie said the partnership would allow Lonsec to showcase its research and model portfolio capabilities, as well as help to educate consumers.