AFA announces new partnership

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The Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to enhancing its continuing professional development (CPD) program, with the appointment of PortfolioConstruction Forum to create and deliver a far-reaching investment and portfolio construction curriculum.

AFA CEO Brad Fox said, “The AFA’s new relationship with PortfolioConstruction Forum reaffirms the AFA’s commitment to delivering a balanced professional development program for our members and a consistent and cohesive investment narrative across all our programs.”

Graham Rich, publisher of PortfolioConstruction Forum, presented the vision for the curriculum at the AFA’s National Roadshow this month. The Roadshow was a sell-out across five capital cities around Australia.

“The AFA and PortfolioConstruction Forum share the belief that the higher purpose of financial advice is to ensure that the wealth of every Australian is not only protected but, as a result of quality investment advice, maximized so that they can live the life they want to live in retirement,” Fox said.

Deepening the AFA's education curriculum in investment and portfolio construction will also help further build consumer trust in the financial advice profession, he said.

“The AFA is committed to providing members with access to the continuing professional development they need to build, manage and protect the wealth of every day Australians,” he said. “We are delighted that a provider of the caliber of PortfolioConstruction Forum is joining us on this journey and look forward to them moderating the investment content at the AFA National Conference in October and beyond."