A historic day for financial planning

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The Government has introduced legislation for enshrining the term ‘financial planner/adviser’ into law today – a move welcomed by the FPA and wider financial planning industry.

In April 2011, the FPA called on the government to restrict the term ‘Financial Planner’ under law. After extensive consultation with the financial planning industry, the legislation now provides protection and certainty to the Australian public seeking financial advice. Previously under the Corporations Act 2001, there was no constraint on individuals calling themselves ‘Financial Planners’ irrespective of their training, competence, and even licensing. The new legislation states that only those fully licensed and authorised to provide personal financial advice can now call themselves a financial planner / adviser.

"This is a historic day for financial planning and for all Australians. The FPA has long called for ‘truth in labelling’ for the protection of consumers. The tabling of the legislation from the government responds to those calls. We welcome the introduction of the legislation and thank Minister Shorten for honouring his commitment," said FPA CEO Mark Rantall.

“We expect this legislation to put a stop to those bad apples who have misled the Australian public and tarnished the profession by wrongly using this title.

“If passed, this will be a great win for consumers and it strengthens the benefits of the FoFA reforms, in particular the introduction of Best Interest and the removal of conflicted remuneration. All three of these reforms should not be seen in isolation but as a whole effort by the Australian financial planning sector to turn the corner towards becoming a truly respected profession."

The legislation will now run its formal parliamentary processes and the FPA will be working with all sides to ensure its passage through government.

  • Pat on 21/03/2013 7:06:24 AM

    Jack, why should all financial planners be CFPs? Given there are many CFPs who got their status just through longevity rather than skills, knowledge and qualifications, it is hardly a robust standard.

  • Jack on 20/03/2013 3:04:39 PM

    Next move is to make sure that all financial planners are CFPs... Love it!!!!

  • Will on 20/03/2013 2:29:04 PM

    Well done. One major step in the right direction.

  • Ian Choudhury Licensed Financial Adviser on 20/03/2013 2:24:03 PM

    Unclear as to how this is going to protect consumers as 'bad apples' only need to complete an on-line or weekend RG146 course, obtain an AR status (going cheap as well) and then they are financial advisers. Real protection for consumers may be achieveable if the financial advisers must also practitioner members status with a professional body such as FPA, CPA, AFA, etc. It is a pitty that the two elements are not enshrined in law.

  • Sheila on 20/03/2013 1:04:05 PM

    When this passes I'm getting a T-shirt printed with "Trust Me I'm A Financial Planner!"

  • Julie on 20/03/2013 12:57:12 PM

    Congratulations to the FPA for pursuing this and finally getting it on the table. Another step forward towards Financial PLanning as a Profession

  • David M on 20/03/2013 12:47:08 PM

    What a joke. Folks, I am afraid most of the "bad apples" have completed the weekend course to be RG146 compliant and are the real deal!

  • Wondering but not hopeful on 20/03/2013 12:37:59 PM

    As if this will make any difference to anything

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