• Sorry Bouris: you're no big bank boogeyman 25/04/2013

    A major bank spokesperson has dismantled claims that Mark Bouris' YBR could bring big banks to their knees by the end of the year read more

  • Advisers flee dealer group 24/04/2013

    Australian Financial Services Group has appointed administrators amidst reports of advisers running to bigger institutions read more

  • Platforms not at fault – blame the Government 24/04/2013

    The recent changes that could see advisers lose thousands of dollars in commissions isn’t the platform’s fault, but a result of an anti-small business Government, says the executive director of the AIOFP read more

  • Have planners lost their mojo? 24/04/2013

    Planning might be sexy but superannuation isn’t, according to a recent survey that highlights the sexiest professions in Australia. Where did financial services place out of 34 professions? read more

  • Licensee taking over WA 24/04/2013

    One of Australia’s non-aligned licensees has doubled its number of advisers in the West in the past six months. It shares its secret to success read more

  • MySuper opens door to retail provider 24/04/2013

    There has been a flurry of MySuper activity this week, with two new authorisations – including the first product from a retail provider – and the release of an updated administration platform read more

  • Platform payments under the spotlight 23/04/2013

    A huge problem of non-disclosure is emerging in the industry, with one platform provider calling for an immediate change. Are you being cheated by those with big wallets? read more

  • MDAs: Are you qualified to manage them? 23/04/2013

    Growth in the MDA sector may be giving too much power to unprepared advisers, and could result in fund managers taking over the MDA industry, according to this investment partner read more

  • Advisers to follow path of accountants 23/04/2013

    The future of financial planning looks set to follow the same path as the accounting sector – which could be bad news for smaller practitioners. What does the future hold for your practice? read more

  • EOFY: What to remember this year 23/04/2013

    Amidst super changes, FoFA implementation and the upcoming Budget, make sure you don't forget to meet your clients' end-of-financial-year needs. Here are are few things you should focus on read more