• More to come, says top platform 11/07/2013

    While planners are already showing record high satisfaction levels with their platform, the top scorer says there are still more announcements in the wings and offers a tip for new advice firms read more

  • The surprising trend that's eating into our productivity 11/07/2013

    Australians are forgoing a crucial activity in ever increasing numbers - something experts say is 'eating into' productivity levels. Are you one of them? read more

  • Advice firm best in TAS 11/07/2013

    Tasmania has awarded one wealth specialist firm a top award, beating businesses from a wide range of industries, which could be good news for the whole profession read more

  • Advisers sick of media scaremongering 10/07/2013

    Can journalists write a headline for advisers without implying doom for the whole profession? These industry professionals say the constant barrage is ‘totally inappropriate’ and a change of scenery is needed read more

  • The A-Team of advice 10/07/2013

    Young practice owners Finn Kelly and Sarah Riegelhuth plan to become a serious national player in the advice world, and they’ll do it with the help of army officers and AFL players read more

  • 2013 pay packets disappointing 10/07/2013

    Were you looking forward to higher pay in 2013? You’re likely to be disappointed, according to new research, though planners can still be more optimistic than most read more

  • Finding excellence in advice 10/07/2013

    The key to success for advisers is all in being themselves, says this award-winning female adviser read more

  • MP slams industry funds 09/07/2013

    The governance and structure of industry and public sector funds has been seriously called into question in a speech delivered to the HR Nicholls Society read more

  • QE Tapering: What it means for you 09/07/2013

    The punch is being taken away from the party, and an industry expert says advisers need to ask some serious questions about their clients' portfolios in a post-GFC world read more

  • Mandatory membership: A duty to the next generation 09/07/2013

    The FPA says that current practitioners of financial advice have an obligation to the next generation of advisers, to build a career that is considered a profession read more