Program lifts admin burden from financial advisers

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After overwhelming demand from financial advisers, a major life insurer has launched a program that will help lift the burden of managing multitudes of administrative tasks.

AIA Australia has launched a new risk “Datafeeds” for XPLAN, which allows advisers who use the program to automatically receive a daily risk containing application and policy information from AIA.

The automatic data feed will be progressively rolled out to other major planning software providers in the coming months.

The risk removes the need to manually enter updates to clients’ policy data, eliminating the administrative tasks and freeing up time to focus on other core elements of the business.

Shannan Stevens, senior risk adviser for GBA Financial Services, said the program is fantastic.

“We can keep all of our client’s information up-to-date in one place without having to log on to several systems. This allows me to focus on seeing more clients.”

The chief marketing officer of AIA Australia Tim Tez said offering Datafeeds for XPLAN has been a vital move for the organisation.

Consistent feedback from advisers had highlighted the need for better business efficiency, he said.

“We know that advisers want to spend less time on dealing with the administration of clients’ policies and instead focus on providing the best advice possible. We are constantly looking at different ways to help advisers do this, and Datafeeds is another step in the right direction.”


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