Insurance pay-out takes 712 days

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He provides a break-down of the time line:

  • Day 281: The initial amount of $77,000 was received
  • Day 397: Super fund trustees finally responded to his complaint
  • Day 514: Dale died and their claim for the rest of the TPD was thrown out by the tribunal
  • Day 571: They resubmitted for the death benefit claim
  • Day 649: The Super Complaints Tribunal says they have a case
  • Day 712: They get contacted by iSuper for the remaining $31,000

The final amount was $5,000 less than they fought for, but Gillman-Wells accepted it rather than put Megan through any more stress. Dale also had death-only cover with MLC, which was paid out within seven weeks.

On day 749, all proceeds were received and they discharged the mortgage of $115,000; paid outstanding credit card debt of $30,000; put $50,000 aside for home renovations that Megan wanted to carry out; $10,000 in the bank for emergency cashflow; and $50,000 for her super fund.

But possibly just as important as the actual money, was Gillman-Wells’ perseverance while his clients were losing faith.

“I know what was happening to Dale was not right, it was not right for him to have this illness, it was not right that we were not getting the financial assistance that we were entitled to,” Megan wrote in a thank-you note. “Although I felt in my core that it was not right, there was no way on earth that I would have been able to fight without Jeremy’s help. Everything in the financial arena is so confusing and we would have given up, that would’ve left us in an even more horrible situation than we were…”

Gillman-Wells says that the story shows how important it is to have thorough insurance cover, and that people need to be wary – the cheaper option can come with massive pitfalls.

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