'I think my wife wants to kill me...'

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If a client jokes to you his wife is so insistent on life insurance he believes she is plotting to kill him, perhaps you should take it seriously.

A trial is currently underway in England of a woman who allegedly plotted to murder her husband because she was on the brink of bankruptcy and hoped he would take out £750,000 ($1.28m) life insurance.

Lisa Fairpo, 36, texted her husband offering to pay for the maximum cover the day after the hired hitman was told the deal to kill her estranged husband, Andrew Burr, was on, Hull Crown Court heard yesterday.

The mother-of-two gave her husband of eight years the number of a life insurance broker, and when he rang the broker on her instructions he joked: ‘I think my wife is trying to kill me,' Mail Online reported.

The murder never went ahead because the man Fairpo had hired – for $10,000 to stab her husband to death – turned himself in to police in April and said he could not go through with it, it was alleged.

The would-be hitman, Maikel Ward, has already admitted conspiracy to kill, and Fairpo’s lover Darren Wilson has been found guilty of conspiracy to kill.

But Fairpo denies conspiring with Wilson and Ward. Yesterday was the first day of a retrial, as the jury in the first trial, in September, could not reach a verdict.