Advisers rallied to aim higher

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The head of a major life insurer is rallying advisers to aim for higher levels of professionalism and has partnered with the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) to present an award in education.

Asteron Life and the AFA are calling for nominations for their Excellence in Education Award, which recognises advisers who invest in their development and contribute significantly to their community through quality advice.

Head of Asteron Life, Jordan Hawke, is asking for talented advisers to step forward.

“Advisers do an incredible job in helping Australians make better decisions for their financial future, and this award is a great way to celebrate the profession,” he said. “I ask advisers to demonstrate to the community their professional excellence and nominate themselves for the award.”

The award’s last recipient, managing director of McPhail HLG Financial Planning Anne Graham, was recognised for her 30-year commitment to the industry.

“She demonstrated the ability to take technical advice and practical knowledge and transfer that to her business, resulting in a positive difference in her clients’ future,” said Hawke. “Importantly, her mission is to encourage other advisers to continue their ongoing education to ensure advisers continue to raise the bar within their profession.”

AFA head of campus Nick Hakes said at the very heart of any adviser’s relationship with a client is the application of education and the empowerment that financial education brings to the lives of consumers.
Nominations for the awards close on 30 May.


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