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Know the power of social media

AFA Adviser of the Year, Jenny Brown, on how she uses social media to increase client engagement.

Video transcript below:

Jenny Brown, AFA Advisor of the Year
Jenny Brown:
 Social media is a really interesting tool.  A lot of advisors are I guess afraid and scared because they don’t know the power of social media and how it can really help with client engagement.

At JBS what we do is if a prospect or if I met somebody for the first time, I have a chat with them, we book in an appointment to come and see us.  We will then, I send them a, I look them up on Linked-in, send them a personalised message to connect and say, you know, “Hi Hannah, it was great to talk to you today, I thought it would really terrific if we could connect via Linked-in if you are okay with that”.  And what that does is generally speaking most people will connect with us, they coming in to see me for their financial planning anyway.  But what that will then do is it builds that relationship, so every time I make a comment on Linked-in, I put out an e-newsletter, make a post, then I am going to come up in their feed if they are actually having a look at it.  So it’s that constant reminder of us, who we are and what we do.   

So clients are really great, they love what we do in terms of social media, they love connecting because they feel that they are then part of the JBS community.  So by doing that and getting to know us and who we are, that we are a fun young team, we tend to attract a lot more Gen XY clients as a result which is terrific because I believe that they really are the future of financial planning.  The younger clients are the ones that generally speaking are more cash flow rich.  They might be asset poor and they are definitely time poor.  So they want things now. But they are prepared to actually go out, seek advice to find out how they can get from where they are today to where they want to be in the shortest, quickest possible amount of time.  

A lot of clients around a lot of advisors speak to us in terms of, well how did you actually get started in social media, what did you do.  So from my point of view, we made sure that we sought advice from people who are actually working in social media and have a presence.  So I sat back, I looked at what other advisors were doing, I did a lot of reading and I guess a bit of research before I jumped in.  It’s really putting together a real package around what your offering is.  You need to understand though who you are and what you stand for.  So you need to really, social media is an extension of your marketing plan, it’s an extension of your brand.  So social media is not just, here  is social media and this is what you need to do.  You really do need to have a full marketing plan to know how it integrates into your whole business strategy and structure.