Why a win for the Liberals would be good for your business

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How would the election of a Liberal government affect your clients’ portfolios? Almost a third of Australians believe they would be better off, but that’s not the full story.

According to the latest poll from Essential Vision, 30% of respondents believe they would be better off under a Liberal government. However, an almost identical number of respondents (32%) believe they will be worse off. Almost a quarter (24%) thought it would make no difference to them financially.

Those participants in the 65-plus age group were the most positive about the effect that a Liberal government would have on their finances, with 47% of respondents in this category saying they would be richer. Respondents in the 45 to 64-year-old category, however, were more pessimistic, with 40% saying they would be worse off under Tony Abbott, Mathias Cormann, and co.

Source: Essential Vision

The survey also revealed some interesting insights into how everyday Australians feel that their personal financial situations will pan out in the lead up to the next election. Overall, 29% of respondents expected their financial situation to improve over the next 12 months, while 31% thought it would get worse.

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  • Keith L. on 31/08/2012 10:51:21 AM

    It is not commonly known that when a change of Government occurs, only about 2% of the previous Government's legislation is reversed. New Ministers are too busy coming to grips with their new working arrangements with agencies and introducing new legislation to give much attention to undoing stuff they consider is more or less working and bedded down irrespective of what they may have promised prior to the election.
    Those of us in the advice segment of the financial services industry should not build up too much expectation that our new minister will right all the wrongs perpetrated by Nick Sherry, Chris Bowen and Bill Shorten. That is unless of course, there is a general and significant effort over all portfolios to reduce the inordinate amount of red tape choking Government, administration and most commercial operations across the board.
    Under such a drive, some of the biases will be corrected as processes and procedures become standard and simplified. One hopes that such a sweep would pick up and significantly simplifying the various instruments regulating the financial services industry.
    I believe that the industry would be more likely to achieve our objectives of removing the current bias by lobbying for the removal of red tape road blocks rather than trying to seek direct reversal of flawed legislation.

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