Planner: How 5 mins on Facebook boosted FUM by 70%

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Social media can be a powerful sales and networking tool if used correctly, as this adviser found out…

As his online marketing guru, president and founder of PR consultancy i-Impact Group Claudio Pannunzio, explained, the key to maximising the effect that social media can have on your business is, in part, self-explanatory.

“I always say 'be social',” he told Wealth Professional.

His client, however, was at a loss as to how to bring this social element into his online presence, until they stumbled upon a multimillion dollar idea.

“[He told me] ‘I love to breed dogs. Whoever comes to my practice, my dogs greet them at the door. And if they’re not afraid of dogs they even sit in our conference room when I talk to the clients’,” explained Panunzio.

“I said, ‘beautiful, talk about that’”.

“One day he posted, and gets a tweet from someone who says, ‘hey, I love the same breed of dogs as you. I’ve had them for 45 years, and my father for 50 years before that. Can I stop by your place?’.

“He goes to his office, they start talking at 8am and hit it off, because they were the same age. From talking about dogs they move from coffee to cognac and a cigar.

“At the end they got so chummy that this guy said: ‘We are the same age. Do you know me? I live in the town, I sold my business two years ago and I got a cheque for $50m. I’m very well off’”.

The adviser’s newfound friend explained that he had invested his money with some of the large investment banks, but had been less than impressed with the return on his investments. He then handed over a cheque for $5m to test this dog breeding financial adviser's mettle.

The adviser at the time had $100m funds under management, so this new business represented a FUM increase of 5%. But that was just the beginning of the story.

“Six months later he got $25m of his money. A year ago he got the whole $50m, plus the money of his children – another $20m,” said Panunzio. “Not bad for five minutes on social media. Five minutes to put a little post on Facebook talking about his puppies.”

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  • The Gringe on 21/11/2012 3:08:35 PM

    Who dreams up these stories? Can this one be made into a movie? Sounds like a potential Oscar winner for best fantasy movie!

  • david m on 21/11/2012 1:36:55 PM

    oh please what a load of rubbish. And this story stinks of being from the US. I mean dogs in the office, coffee cigars and cognac. Sounds like the guy found a new "buddy"

  • Sue on 21/11/2012 12:01:49 PM

    Nice fairytale!!

  • Stephen Catterall on 21/11/2012 10:53:27 AM

    Hmmmmm have heard this one before a few years ago, suspect.

  • Hugh Jorgen on 21/11/2012 10:18:39 AM

    A fluke. Not worthy of space.

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